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The Facts

792 women die unnecessarily every day due to child birth

99% of maternal mortalities happen in the developing world

63% of births in Haiti take place without medical support

Haiti has the highest rate of infant and maternal mortality in the Western Hemisphere

Most of these deaths could be avoided through simple care.
You can help us provide that simple care and save lives today.

Give mums and babies a safe birth this Christmas

What You Need to Know

The Impact

In 2013 A Royal Birth helped provide:


In 2013, we saw a 132% increase in the number of deliveries at our partner hospital and 2014 has shown continued growth! Your support will keep this regional 51 bed Maternity and Paediatric Unit open, so we can help provide safe births for thousands of mums and babies in 2015!



Jude’s mother (18 years old), went into labour about 50 miles from our partner hospital, and required an emergency C-Section. Tragically, this was unavailable in her community, and even though Jude was breached in a life threatening position during delivery, they weren’t referred to us for 18 hours. Thanks to the swift response of the medical team ‘A Royal Birth’ supports, Jude’s mother received an immediate C-Section upon arrival, thankfully saving her. Sadly, whilst the paediatric team were able to revive Jude and admit her into the neonatal intensive care unit, the life long damage caused by this unjust 18 hour wait, will have likely caused long term, irreversible damage.

During that same period, Widlin was referred from a town over an hour away, born prematurely. It’s rare in Haiti for babies so premature to survive, but thanks to our team’s efforts, Widlin is thriving. Both of these cases highlight the critical and heartbreaking challenges of Haiti, but also the urgent importance of the services ‘A Royal Birth’ is supporting.

Give mums and babies a safe birth this Christmas

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4 easy ways you can help give mums and babies a safe birth this Christmas:

A personal donation of £15 can help support a safe birth today
Get your school, church or work involved with Christmas cake sales or nativity/carol concert collections
Spread the Word!
Social media is a powerful tool to spread this critical work. FOLLOW US on Twitter today!
Christmas Gift Tags!
Buy Christmas Gift Tags from us today. All profits will support safe births! More information coming soon!



Sign up below if you’d like to find out more information today.  We can send you ‘A Royal Birth’ information pack, which includes posters, a film and other materials to help your fundraising efforts, or just give you some helpful tips!

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Give mums and babies a safe birth this Christmas

Join the Cause

For Your Church Family

Get your church involved today!!


Whilst most Christians will reflect on the humble birth of Jesus this Christmas, very few will realise that thousands of women still give birth in the same conditions as Mary did today, and many tragically and unnecessarily die.

In Isaiah 65, God declares that where His kingdom is present, children won’t die in their infancy and mothers won’t bear children for calamity.

This wasn’t a distant dream, but a vision for today, which Jesus commanded us to follow through the building of His Fathers Kingdom on earth.  Women and children dying during child birth is unacceptable, and we’re calling on Churches around the world to join with us and use this Christmas as an opportunity to provide safe births for mothers and babies in Haiti.  Could there be a better way for your church to celebrate Christmas this year?


Please watch our 2013 Film Church and pop back soon for our 2014 Films

Since filming this video, new stats indicate that 63% of women are giving birth without medical support in Haiti. Proof that change can happen, but still urgent need for the poorest women. This film will be updated in due course.


GET YOUR CHURCH INVOLVED!! If you’d like to find out more, please contact us today. We have lots of exciting resources to support you this Christmas, including posters, service outlines and activities, and our 2014 Film.

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Give mums and babies a safe birth this Christmas

Give mums and babies a safe birth this Christmas

Give mums and babies a safe birth this Christmas

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Please contact us today if you’d like to help give mothers and babies
safe births this Christmas.

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